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Meet  the Dreamers...

In our family, Sunday mornings are for dreaming. With a cup of coffee in hand we conjure up our biggest dreams and ideas. Our first dream came true in 2001, when our mom, Tami, opened up her store, Affairs of the Heart. For years she has been in the village of Arroyo Grande inside of Posies searching for the best home decor, vintage items, and gifts for her customers. We grew up helping search for these wonderful items and absolutely fell in love with the hunt and the reward of finding unique special pieces. Our next dream began developing as we found ourselves using the beautiful vintage pieces in our own events and parties. Over dozens of cups of coffee, our dreams became plans, and our plans turned to reality. Together, with our mom, we have finally had that dream come true. In 2016 we opened Affairs of the Heart Event Rentals.
Our goal is to make your event everything you dream it to be. We are so honored that we are able to take part in your special event. 
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